Limpsfield Burners

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We specialize in energy upgrades for boilers and burners while reducing emissions and optimizing equipment efficiencies.

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Greatly Reducing Your Natural Gas (NG) Consumption.

Upgrade your old, outdated or low efficiency burner, with a new Limpsfield High Efficiency, low O2 burners

  • A typical burner runs at 4-6% O2 with 50 PPM+ CO.
    Limpsfield guarantees their burners to run at 3% O2 throughout the firing range, without producing CO.
  • Limpsfield burners typically run at 2.5-2.7% O2, or less than 15% excess air.
  • A Limpsfield burner installation can reduce gas consumption by 10%, with a ROI typically less than 5 yrs.
  • Limpsfield burners can be fit on any boiler, e.g., Cleaver Books, Kewanee, Bryan, Superior, Hurst and all water tube boilers.

Please follow this link to the Limpsfield burners website for more information including case studies and product information.