Phoenix Oil Heaters

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We specialize in energy upgrades for boilers and burners while reducing emissions and optimizing equipment efficiencies.

The Most Efficient Oil Heater On The Market

  • The PHOENIX guarantees‘ the stack temperature not to exceed the oil temperature by more than 100 degrees F. at high fire.
  • The PHOENIX has perfected and improved the double-helical coil unit design and no economizer is needed.
  • All PHOENIX PX model heaters are built according to Section VIII of the ASME Code with a minimum rupture pressure of 350 psi.
  • All PX model heaters come with ASME stamping and a National Board registration. Other oil heaters on the market are not ASME stamped, some manufacturers do not even make ASME code heaters.

Protect Your Investment” ORDER ASME CODE HEATERS